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Crowd fund


Raise funds for what matters to you

Crowd funding is a mechanism that allow individuals/ organizations to support causes / campaigns created by individuals or organizations by donating money. People use crowd funding to raise funds for a surgery (operation), educations purpose etc. It's a good mechanism to support people but the biggest drawback is, at times, there is no or very little emotional attachment of donors with the cause

  • People travel with 'let's travel for a cause' team to untouched, unexplored but beautiful destination. They enjoy their holidays in an innovative way by doing something meaningful and at the same time have fun.
  • People participate in the community discussion/interactions, understand and experience the challenges of the local community.
  • People identify/select the problem which they emotionally and genuinely feel, that they can contribute to and solve till the end.
  • They identify problems and calculate money required or any other support required for solving such problem.
  • They use 'let's travel for a cause' platform and run their own campaigns to solve the problems.
  • Our travel entrepreneurs ensure execution/ implementations of solution, identified by the travellers.
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