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Travel Entrepreneur

Become Travel entrepreneur with 'let's travel for a cause' and
get ready to change the world!

Even if you do not take any challenge and just travel to get a new experience, you would generate / create livelihood for the local people associated with let's travel for a cause. Imagine by simply travelling to a place, how much change you can create for the society

A travel entrepreneur is someone

travel Travel Post Hip Surgery Who is passionate to bring positive change in the society, by working with and for the local community. Who wants to utilize travel/ tourism as a medium to bring the change
travel Travel Post Hip Surgery Who is passionate about travelling to unexplored, the untouched locations or who is already stationed at such places and wants people from outside to explore such places
travel Travel Post Hip Surgery Who wants to spread happiness through his actions and is eager to create meaningful impact on the society
travel Travel Post Hip Surgery Travel entrepreneur is someone who works as a bridge between travellers and local community, he/ she has following responsibilities to fulfill:

Responsibilities towards

  • To ensure facilitation of safe, secure and responsible travel
  • To share demographic and other details with the travellers so that they can understand the context of the challenge related to community development in that area
  • To identify villages for visiting
  • To ensure implementations solution designed by travellers for the causes, in partnership with the local community.

Responsibilities towards

  • To ensure facilitation of safe, secure and responsible travel
  • To facilitate interaction between community and travellers identify their challenges and explore possible solutions to the problems.

What's in it for me... Travel Entrepreneurs?

  • An opportunity to follow your passion!!! Very few people get such opportunities in their life!!
  • An opportunity to earn money by doing something really meaningful!!!! How many professions in the world provide you such opportunities!!!
  • An opportunity to become a leader for change in the society!!! You will be part of the system which aims to uplift social and economic status of our country, you will generate livelihood for hundreds of people associated with you.
Who can be a Travel Entrepreneur?




Travel entrepreneur could be passionate individual or any social enterprise ( NGO's etc) or community based organizations working to solve the problems related to the development of community at the grassroots level.

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